Bashar Channel: How to Manifest What you Want in your Life

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Here’s a transcription of Bashar’s 7 steps to manifest in your life (the first 12:08 minutes, which describe each step). A GREAT way to find out how to manifest what you want in your life.


7 basic steps for the manifestation of any at all reality that you may desire in your life

Are you ready?

We recognize these ideas; these basic categories to be the sequential steps necessary for the manifestation of physiological reality as you prefer it.

Number 1: VISION

Vision, vision, vision.

Simply meaning: have an image, have an idea, have a dream, have a wish, have a vision, have a picture of what you say you want. Now again many of you have heard of these ideas expressed in a number of ways and it’s all right if you have heard them before and certainly we have discussed them before in a number of ways and in great detail. But for now again this is just a simplification.

Any word can do as long as it is representative of the concept of having some initial concept or VISION that you want.

Number 2: DESIRE

And this goes hand in hand with the idea of excitement, the thing that you see, that you say you want must be accompanied by a strong energy, a strong e-motion. DESIRE is as good a term for now as any. Because that energises the vision merely pumps as you say energy into it. E-Motion: energy in motion.

Desire. Strong. Intense. All-consuming desire for the manifestation of that idea, of that reality, of that thing.

Number 3: BELIEF

You must know and you must explore and you must examine within yourself that you have the belief that it is possible to manifest this thing; you have the belief that you deserve this thing.

What ever it is that you get in touch with within the concept of your definitions of why your beliefs are what are going to allow this thing to be possible. If you don’t believe you are capable of it, if you don’t believe you deserve it, it isn’t going to manifest no matter how much desire you may have no matter how much vision you may have no matter how clear that vision may be… If you do not believe is possible it cannot manifest.

So get in touch with the idea of what you do believe and find out what you would prefer to believe. Find out where the beliefs you have came from; find out why you insist on maintaining them or have insisted on maintaining them; find out why they have worked for you or why you are motivated to believe those definitions and determine for yourself by creating in your imagination new definitions that you say are more representative of what you really want, what you really desire. And then KNOW, know know know KNOW that those new believes are in effect (and that’s the 4th step) Acceptance.


Vision, Desire, Belief, Acceptance. You must totally ACCEPT your selves and the new belief as true, just as you accepted the old belief to be true without question, beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Total acceptance of yourself that it is possible for you to manifest this idea. Total acceptance of the new definition or belief that can make it so.

The first four steps are what you call, in effect, “The Step Up”.

The last 3 are:

Once you have the vision, once you have the desire, once you have the clear belief, once you have accepted it totally, then you need:


You must INTENT to manifest it.

You can want something, but you may not necessarily intend with your will, with your focus to manifest it. So you must have the intention to do so. It must be a conscious choice.

Focus. Intention. Will. Not an effort! Not an effort!! But a focus, an intention. You must intend it to be so.

This is also known as your conscious commandment of your reality.

After you thus then have intended it: ACTION is the 6th step.

Number 6: ACTION

You must act like like you are already in the state of that reality you want. You must behave as if the reality already exists in the present.

You must do the thing you would do in the way you would do them if the reality already existed before you. You must ground all the idea of the vision and the desire and the belief and the acceptance and the intention in the actions that you do, so that your behaviour in your body language are different that they used to be and representative of the reality that you are now focused on rather than representative of the reality that you no longer prefer because body language is very telling about what you really believe to be true, what you really believe you are capable of and what you really believe exists for you at present.

So, ACTION, action, action, action; is important.

And after you have built up that intent clarity of VISION, that intense emotional DESIRE, that clear, crystal clear, BELIEF of definition, after you have totally ACCEPTED that this is true for you, after you have focused your INTENTION and have allowed your ACTION to reflect it, totally, totally, utterly and absolutely detach from any outcome at all: ALLOWANCE….


…is the last step. You have to let it go utterly. Utterly!! Unconditionally!! That’s the power of paradox. You are using the power of the paradox of the existence of creation. The dark and the light. The day and the night. Both sides of the polarity. You have to have in order to manifest anything an absolute intensity of what you want with absolutely no expectation that it has to manifest at all.

That’s the balanced state you need to be in in order for the manifestation to be effortless.

And KNOW that every thing is already PERFECT.

Once you accept that the way it is, is perfect, then the way it is, can become ‘another way’.

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