How to Ask God Into Your Heart in Four Easy Steps

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If you are wondering how to ask God into your heart here you will find four precious ways of achieving it.


First things First

Before going into the four different ways or steps, I would like to add 3 points I need you to have clear in your mind so we can proceed with purpose:

1- It is important that you be without sin

What does this mean? Don’t panic; words can be easily misinterpreted.

Sin literally means missing the mark and is a manmade 3 letter word with several negative connotations. I use it here for two purposes: impact and achievement.

When people see this word fear arises and so usually it means they get to do action quicker – it just prompts action more efficiently than any of the other “sinful” words. Character defects, shortcomings or simply human nature could be used instead if you find them more comfortable. Think of your “bad traits”. That’ll do.

To be without sin (bad traits), the way it is understood in human terms, is impossible. But a willingness to be without sin is perfectly possible and I’m sure very desirable by everyone once you gain awareness on how destructive certain behavioural patterns can be. So let’s use that as our basic premise to get you started.

After the initial impact of point 1, let us get this straight: it is paramount that you are willing to clean up your past (act) and your present (actions) as you go along asking God into your heart.

This is a must and gets you closer to the real meaning of “pure in heart”, “innocent” and “blessed”. For to have God in your heart is to be truly blessed.

2- It is important to understand that God is Un-understandable

The moment you outline what or who God is you will try to create an image that you can “pull” into your very Being. This is a mistake.

Outlining means creating an outcome and this is absolutely not desirable. By creating an outcome we are telling God how He/She/It has to present Himself within us; this is an expectation that needs to be eliminated instantly. Expectation and desire produce perception and God can’t be perceived; he can only be Known.

So please understand that god cannot be understood as He is limitless/infinite and our brains are limited/finite. Our human reasoning allows for no room when it comes to certain concepts that are out of this world even though they can exist in this world.

When it comes to “God’s matters”, many concepts can be mutually exclusive and you need to fully accept this. As fully as accepting yourself.

The incomprehensible can enter an open mind much, much easier. Let it happen to you.

3 – It is important you believe you are worth it

Yes. You are worthy of God and more.

How can I use here the word more? Surely there’s nothing more than God. Yes, there is. God is more than God. This is where and when you can start to discern it is impossible to master, explain, fathom or figure out the “God state”. God is God and More!

Always more – as long as we are in human form we must interpret that more and God are virtually the same thing. The problem lies in the fact that we usually just look for “more” in the wrong places. This ties in particularly well with the idea of spirituality and addiction
see: Spiritual Stories Addiction At the Core.
To be worthy of God is not inherent in human nature. We barely grasp what the concept of “being worth of” means. We mask false humility under the word “modesty” (real humility is something totally different), deep inside believing we are not worth anyone’s effort or blessing. Guilt and embarrassment grip us to the core, leaving trails of abundant scars which mark us for life.

How can we ask God into your hearts if we don’t really believe we are worthy of Him? That would classify as a lie or at least a blatant hypocritical act.

We are not ready to receive if we’re not striving for purity of heart, for a heart that is pure can see God within at a first glance.

So you need to realise you are whole first; that will instantly enable you to invite God next. 

Here’s what A Course in Miracles say:
“The habit of engaging with God and His creations is easily made if you actively refuse to let your mind slip away. The problem is not one of concentration; it is the belief that no one, including yourself, is worth consistent effort. [...] do not permit this shabby belief to pull you back. The disheartened are useless… [...] Do not mistake it for humility”
So the problem here is not believing we deserve the constant effort of:

1) asking God into our hearts
2) God trying to “enter”
This is purely metaphorical *see right below*.
But we do deserve it. We surely, utterly, beautifully do.

Prayer to ask God into your heart

“God: I want to run to you whilst looking sideways so I can enjoy the view!”
God doesn’t “come” into our hearts (no, there is no entering) – We have to go to Him (meaning “realise” Him), He is always Everywhere. We either refuse to see Him, or we don’t. It is ALWAYS a choice.

We we don’t see Him is because we are blocked – we can’t see beyond our “problems” and evitable circumstances. Think of it this way: have you ever been driving for some time only to realise you haven’t seen any of the view as you’ve been too preoccupied with whatever is bothering you at the time? With God it works the same way. The view is there – God IS there. But you’ve been blocked with your thoughts, too blocked to even notice Him. That’s a good analogy and you should always think of it when your faith goes downhill, because it is very applicable.

A Course in Miracles has two fantastic prayers you can use:
“Help me perform whatever miracles you want of me today”
“Lord, heal me”
Both imply a “contract” where you and God take part: he directs you, you perform the miracle – He heals you, you are healed.

Anything that you mean can become a prayer. “God I love you” or “God show me how you have me be” or “I’m yours” will do the job.

These are nice little prayers for you to voice out as you let the four steps envelop you, but you can use whatever feels True and Right to you.

The point, always, is to mean it and avoid systematic or robotic behaviour.

The 4 steps or the Holy Sandwich

Once you are willing to clean house; understand that God cannot be understood and believe yourself worthy of Him and more; here’s what you do to invite God into your heart:

1) The slices of bread: pray in the morning and review your day at night

When you wake up in the morning offer yourself to God (run to Him!). This will please both of you, believe me.

Use any of the above prayers or you can use San Francis of Assisi prayer if you like.

I personally ask God every morning to direct my thinking. It stops me from believing my Ego is running the show. And I know there’s interference throughout the day because thoughts, impulses and intuitive actions come to me. I also ask for them when in fear or doubt.

You will need practise with this if you’re not used to it. Have patience, it works.

At night, review your day. How was your behaviour. Go through everything you’ve done, thought or said throughout the day, going back from the moment you start your review.

Withhold nothing and be honest – don’t worry, no one is listening. After you spot your bad traits or “sins”, ask God to remove them and to forgive you, and, if possible, to show you a better way.

Ask KNOWING these things are being given the moment you claim them, because they are.

2) The butter: during the day give yourself to God

So we’ve ensured some sort of immunity against the evil Ego by asking God first thing in the morning to take care of our day.  This makes for a good start, but it doesn’t mean that throughout the day we won’t be prompted by destructive behavioural patterns to act in certain ways (anger, jealousy, envy, etc etc, I’m sure you can think of plenty).

So we need to butter the bread to keep it moist: we ask God to remove these behavioural patterns. Or we can simply stop and pray when we find ourselves acting out with old and useless ideas that never actually really worked.

Here’s a prayer that can help immensely:
“Thy will be done, not mine”.
It will give you results.

3) The filling: helping others

Yes, God needs you to help others.

Isn’t that cool? Both helping others and God needing you?

As you go through the day you will soon realise everyone needs to invite God into their hearts, otherwise they’re as good as dead zombies going through life.

What God does to our heart is not just pump it, but it gives it candour and purpose. Use both to inject others with the same thing.

Passing on the message is the best way to help others, but allow for improvisation and have fun!

4) Cutting your sandwich in half: meditation

Daily meditation is desirable; it is the way to listen to what God has to say.

Not long ago I made a life changing decision, something I would have loved to have done sooner but somehow couldn’t bring myself to it.

I decided to listen to my Spirit fully, and to take action accordingly. This is not an easy task because it entails many things I’m not used to as well as a bunch of addictive behaviours I have had to shake off with God’s help, of course.

Meditation is not my forte and so I can’t really advice you much on it, but I do know it is necessary in order to maintain a healthy communication. With daily meditation I can hear what my Spirit whispers and I then try my best to follow instructions. It is truly what makes me happiest.

Find out what works for you and try to exercise it daily. An affirmation or just being quiet in your room for a few minutes before starting your day and after the prayers might do just nicely.

After looking at these 4 steps you might think to ask God into your Heart is a difficult or cumbersome task.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Once you go through the steps of creating a sandwich of your daily bread you will truly wonder in amazement how did you get by before without this wonderful treatment.

Even though it does look like there’s a lot of work involved, it is necessary that we reach “out” to God through daily action. Here’s where we will see the fruits, and the fruits are sweet, refreshing and tasty.

By wholeheartedly practising these steps every day we are in communion with God, working in partnership. This is so much more than inviting Him into our hearts; this is a business deal. God IS our life, we eat the Holy Sandwich daily.

Very simple and extremely rewarding. In the end, the only way to live sanely, but this you can only know after doing the work for some time.

Where God IS

God IS already in your heart and everywhere else you can possibly think of.

Remember these two very important things: 1) with these four steps all we are doing is unblocking ourselves to Him 1) it is you who need to hear him and go to him, rather than the other way around.

You are indeed inviting God into your heart by thinking of Him every time you are.

It is as gloriously simple as that!

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