10 Reasons to Believe in God

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1. These 10 reasons to believe in god are to be discussed by you amongst all we can expand the 10 points plus also keep adding more reasons. They 10 points come from my god-made mind and nobody elses. So please break them down, discuss, add.. whatever it takes to make this post something that is kicking and alive….

2. God or god < same thing.
People demand to believe in God. It is not an easy thing to do (demanding it), for it places the person in a position to be critisized, frowned upon, questioned and then judged accordingly (meaning according to the judge’s pre-judices). Even atheists place demands on the “God issue”  (I know for I was one for a looong time). They do this by talking passionately about the non-existance of God. The white elephant analogy. “Don’t think of a white elephant”. Bang! It’s there, right in the middle of your head, obstructing any other possible thought. Now, my theory is that, if we can think of something, then it must exist somewhere. Existing in the mind is as real as anything can ever get.
The 10 reasons to believe in God are in no particular order.

1. Faith Vs. Self

Hmm. Interesting one I’d say. The thing is, either I reach in or I reach out, in order to achieve “happiness” and “a balanced, fruitful, ecstatic, rich, ever-expanding, magical and 100% satisfactory life” (in) – as opposed to a bareble, plain and simplistic (**not meaning simple!) life – (out). In other words; soul vs. externals.    Reaching IN points directly at faith. The latter (OUT) is pure self.  When I have faith (and note how whether God “exists or not” is actually not even necessary for this reason to work), things just “happen”. I feel safe and secure, I get a feeling of “it feels right” inside of me, life and people seem to smile at me. When I am in self, that is, living in my head and preocuppied with bringing about my own hapiness with “my own power”, life “stops working for me”. I don’t get what I want. Life might keep smiling but it feels more like the morbid grin of a scary clown. Does this argument support the existence of God? Very much so. I can hear people saying: but you’ve done those things yourself with the power of your brain. But let me tell you this: if I’ve done it myself, then how come I can’t seem to manage achieving a balanced, fruitful, ecstatic [...] life my-Self when I don’t apply Faith into the equation? The moment I stop believing, my life also stops working smoothly. It’s like maths. It never fails (it hasn’t done so far). Of course doubts tease me just a little too often (my faith wave-graph does fluctuate) but guess what, that’s where I see the results. It is not by accident that By their fruits ye shall know them. Not one tiny little bit.

The problem is that faith cannot be “forced” in us. I can’t say: hmm, gonna give this “faith thing” a try… as if buying a new ketchup flavoured sauce. We can’t bring it about in us as easy, but the good news is that we only need one thing to get it started, and that thing is willingness. A tiny weeny bit of willingness is as good as gold. Curiosity, believe me, will get you there. But be open minded. Curiosity without open-mindness will make you a bully. Oh, and be ready for surprises.

2. Powerlesness Vs. Power

Yep, that’s true. It’s either one or the other. When I have faith, I am powerful. Have you heard of that woman who lifted a car when it caught fire? Her children were inside the car, and, guess what, I bet she didn’dt have the shadow of a doubt that the car would move under the touch of her fingers. That is the only way. Such a strong belief, like when you order a meal at a restaurant and YOU KNOW it’s gonna come, led her to display amazing physical power. This is called a demonstration. Or miracle, whichever word you prefer. Ok, let’s stick with “proof” then. I think it fits the story rather well : ) When we are “in self”, we are powerless. We don’t have the strength (mental or physycal) because spiritually we are weak or dead.  When we are “in faith”, we are powerful. Power comes from left, right and center. We are very much alive.   

3. Conversations with God

Have you read any of the books? If you haven’t, I very much recommend you do so. They are, for lack of a better word, the bullocks. Sorry, couldn’t find anything else that would describe the beauty of Neale Donald Walsch’s work. If you are looking for valuable and exquisite reasons that God exists, then get the books. You might just realize that God has also been speaking to you. You will know if it hits you in the gut – the books will speak to you if you are ready. I can’t really add any more.  

4. Scientific Prayer

Have you heard of Emmet Fox’s “Scientific Prayer”? 
Within you is an inexhaustible source of power, if you can but contact it. That power can heal you, and it can inspire you by telling you what to do and how to do it [...] It can give you peace of mind, and, above all, it can give you direct knowledge of God.
Sounds cool, doesn’t it. Well, it gets better. Here we go: if you have problems with the word “God”, then think of this Power as The Force in Star Wars. As simple as that. This power is inside us and all around us, and all we need to do is contact it. Of course, in order to have a wonderful relationship with the Power (who wouldn’t want to?!) we also need to do a lot of “mental” work, prayer being one of them. Nobody got muscles without frequently going to the gym.  How is it done?
To raise your consciousness you must positively withdraw your attention from the picture for the time being (The Golden Key) and then concentrate gently upon spiritual truth. You may do this by reading the Bible or any spiritual book that appeals to you, by going over any hymn or poem that helps you in this way, or by the use of one or more affirmations, just as you like.
And here’s a neat trick:
In prayer or treatment, we remind ourselves again that, no matter how bleak or overcast the picture may be, we believe that God has already healed the difficulty, that, in Divine Mind, there is nothing but good, and therefore only good can express itself in these circumstances.
I love the way he also calls prayer “treatment”. For that is what we are doing when we pray (or think). We are “treating” a situation, person, thing, etc. Reality is a state of mind. Nothing else. Difficult to understand, easy to do on a daily basis.  Scientific prayer is to raise of your consciousness, and the golden key is the way in which this is done – the technique applied. 
Why do I use scientific prayer as one of the reasons for believing in god? Because it works.

5. Miracles ARE the Coincidences

The woman that lifted her car performed a demonstration, a miracle. But miracles are many, many times, a lot more subtle. They still serve as proof though. Thought about a friend and she/he called you that day? “I was JUST thinking about you” – something that happens to most people. Needed a lift and a member of your family drove past? Wanted a particular book, pair of shoes, whatever, and found it that same day displayed on the window shop, staring at you? These are the “little” coincidences, but really, they should be called miracles. Think about it. The word miracle drags with it such a heavy burden. People want Superman to be real and fly. Then they say they witnessed a miracle. Now, try and change the word coincidence with miracle: “I was walking down the street and, guess what, saw my best friend from school. I couldn’t believe it! (<< this would be due to lack of faith), I had just been thinking about her that very morning. Isn’t that a strange miracle”? Or “what a miracle, I was calling you right at this minute too..”. And so forth.

“Coincidences” are amazing occurrences and usually too good to be true. Why? Because they seem to be orquestrated events. Many of these ocurrences happen in a fashion that “make some people wonder”. That can’t be denied.

One of the very reasons god is real is because miracles do happen on a daily basis. You only have to replace one word for the other. That’s all.

6. Now is Where God Is

Not yesterday, not tomorrow. Not five minutes ago, not in five minutes. If we don’t live the present moment, we can’t experience God in full. And so whoever doubts is not living in the Now, and whoever doubts is because they are experiencing a longing, a lack, a need (these three things are also called suffering).

“Wanting” God to exist is to want to stop the pain. Something inside is screaming for help. We grow older and the promises of an adulthood where “every problem is solved” is as unreal as ever. The human soul knows that only God can solve this lack. An so the soul tries to be heard. People who doubt are people who hear the little voice of the soul far in the distance. The Power within is claming its right, but we need to have a connection. Through faith, mental work, scientific prayer, 12 steps, meditation, etc, we can unblock the passage. 

Total unblockage means living in the Now, living in full Power. 

It is no miracle that Eckhart Tolle’s book is called “The Power of Now”


7. No concept of No-God or Making something else Your “Master”

Both statement mean exactly the same. If we don’t have god in our lives, then we make something else our master. Sadly, all the other replacements don’t work. Fame, money, food, sex, you name it. They all have the danger of becoming addictions. In fact, if we dont have god, they BECOME addictions the moment we want more of the thing. The difference between being addicted to these things or being addicted to God (that is; wanting more of it) is that with god there are no negative consequences. It is infallible, it always works. Always.

By the same token, all the other stuff always fails.

Have the money, the fame, the food, the sex, etc, and still feel deppressed, not fulfilled, like it is not enough, longing? Find yourself wanting more of it to calm the hunger?

These things eventually kill us. If we are spiritually dead, we are just plain dead.


8. Inspiration, In-spired, In-spirit

Have you ever had a thought that comes out of nowhere? An idea? That is God talking to you. 

Where does inspiration come from. No, really, where-does-it-come-from. 

An idea cannot come out of nowhere. Everything that has been created has a creator behind.  

While instinct is embedded in our make-up, this is not about instinct. Inspiration is sublime. 

All the great artists, thinkers, philosophers, matematitians.. where do they get their genius from?

That’s not all. Have you ever noticed how a piece of music can “touch your soul”  and how timeless the feeling is? The feeling exists in the Now, and that makes it extremely powerful. I was looking at stunning purple flowers outside a hotel, and while exquisitely enjoying the rich, velvety and deep colour, I suddenly realized the feeling had no time attached to it. What a realization! So simple, yet so easy to miss. 

Classical music touches my soul, and when it does, my soul seems to sing along with it. Suddenly “I” am not important, the music and the soul get connected and what I receive is incommensurable pleasure, like the violin who is listening to the music it produces. I then go beyond being inspired, I become inspiration itself. In spirit. 


9. The Idea Exists

The idea is very real and it very much exists within us, it “lives” or “resides” inside us. God is within, the “Great Reality” within. 

When I believe something, the belief turns into (my) reality. Doubts are empowered no-affirmations. They also exist. Everything that is “thinkable” exists somewhere in our minds. We cannot make up things, when we “make up something” in our brain, we bring it into reality straight away. A thought is a creative process, it “creates”.

An idea, a thought, a negation… they are all forms of energy, and energy is already a manifestation in itself. A manifestation is reality.

If the idea exists, the concept that it points at also exists. It is a matter of logic.

Actually, we were fooling ourselves, for deep down in every man, woman and child, is the fundamental idea of God.
Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, p.55, We Agnostics.


10. Demonstrations

Ask for a demonstration. Ask and believe that it will be given to you.

I tell you a sweet little story:

Not long ago I asked God to surprise me and that same morning, about 20 minutes later, I saw a swan fly. It happend over a beautiful canal, and there was no one else in the area but my partner and my dog. The view was breathtaking; the calm waters just delicately holding a morning swan. It was in front of us, a little in the distance, floating about, just being. It suddenly started moving faster, faster and faster, like a speeding boat; the sound was amazing. Then, miraculously, two majestic wings started to unfold flapping vigorously, opening and spreading to the point that the animal almost tripled its size. The taking off was incredible, and when it started to fly up high, was when I really, really enjoyed my surprise. It was the most beautiful thing I had seen in a long, long time. 

Later on I realized I got exactly what I’d asked for. And I got it because I knew something would happen. 



For these, and many other reasons, people believe in God. There is no doubt that intelligent design is behind all this. Look at the perfection in a flower and wonder. Only Great Intelligence can be at work there. Animals and plants display amazing God-magnificence without a doubt. They just know how to be. Why do elephants know when they are going to die and where they have to go? Because God whispers inside. 


Whether you like it or not, the Power, the Source, is within you. It will make you lift a car if you have the required faith. Still in doubt? These 10 reasons to believe in God don’t need to be powerful. They only have to hit home.

Give them a try. And again. And again. Don’t judge. Keep an open mind. The miracles will happen in front of you, and for you. 

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