Grab your Spiritual Freedom

First I want you to look at

exactly what is a spiritual awakening
the way it is understood
on this website.

Then you can quench your thirst

by reading the flesh & juice (the different articles)
as both knowledge and action are necessary
for your Spiritual Development.

The articles on Spirituality

look at transcendental issues
like Who We Really Are and
how to deal with it.

The articles on Metaphysics

look behind the scenes of anything
and everything that can be
understood by the senses.

The articles on Recovery

look at existing maladjustments between
the Spirit and its tools: body and mind,
and at the way these can affect us.

Publish your own articles

As contributions are very welcome
as long as the topic falls
within one or more of the categories.

There’s also a zillion spiritual quotes and more

Check out these quotes, poems and stories
and be sure to send me your favourite
spiritual quote so I can add it.

And here’s the page about me

where you can read all about
the reasons why I started this site
and what I’m trying to achieve.

So, sit back, relax….

…grab a coffee…
and enjoy the reading…
There’s so much more to YOU than you think!

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