Victim or Master? You Are in Control of Your Own Life!

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I wanted to write an article that showed you (and me : ) how you are in control of your own life. Then I ‘stumbled upon’ this guided meditation and thought Paul Santisi did an AMAZING job at explaining the core concept through his react/respond example and general tone. I decided to transcribe some of it for all of you ** It is on youtube and available for everyone to see – see video below so I’m sure Paul Santisi won’t mind : )
by PAUL SANTISI The fact is that somewhere deep inside we can all fly, and getting there, THAT is the adventure. You see, these programmed negative frequencies control our thoughts and take over our minds to disempower us. These are the voices of worry, doubt, stress, fear and victim of circumstance. These are the voices that say: “You can’t”; “You won’t”; “You will never…”; “You are not good enough”; “What makes you think that YOU can do it?” These are the voices that keep us weak and make life a constant struggle of bad luck and misery for the majority of the world’s population. They are the voices that cause us to react to life situations and not respond. Think of it like this: for example, if you have a reaction to medication; that’s bad, right? A reaction is bad. However, if you respond to a medication, ‘responding’ is good! Now, I’m not endorsing using medications; I use medications as an example that most of you can relate to. We, as a species, have tried to react to life and not respond to situations. If you react to all of life’s situation, this is bad. You’ll get more and more of the same. Because you will always be finding reasons to stay mad or point the finger at someone else, or blame someone or something… to why your life is the way it is. When you respond, you are aware, and you can use discernment to take control and make the decisions that will create the desire outcome or experience. See the difference? This is powerful stuff! This is serious! This is how it works on planet Earth! Next: You must be the one who takes 100% responsibility for EVERYTHING that happens in your life. Everything that happens, good or bad, is an exact match to a vibration or feeling that you broadcasted previously. Yes, it is. When you grasp that you are the one who causes every situation, circumstance or event that takes place in your life, good or bad, when you know that YOU caused it; period, no one else; then you become more aware of yourself. That’s basic principle and secret number one. You must take 100% responsibility of everything in your life.
>> Watch Paul’s GUIDED MEDITATION here.


Not Being Able to Live in the Present: Who is The Thief of Your Moments?

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Until one thing is ‘conquered’ you cannot really conquer something else (the old has to disappear for the new to come in). A simple mathematically principle.

The same principle applies when living in the moment – or “in the Now” as they say nowadays. Here’s one thing you need to keep present in a very accessible area of your mind:

If you are not present 100% in The Moment, you are stealing moments from another present.

Did you get that?

I Know, it’s Not on Purpose

I do it all the time. Wherever I am I seem to be able to magically be at ‘many places’ at the same time.

Meaning: I am here, but ‘thinking’ about there.

Thinking about ‘there’ then becomes prominent (important) and when I worry about things [ESPECIALLY when I worry about things] it appears I somehow seem to have control over the problem I’m mincing away in my mind. An illusion of control takes place, so I keep the present worry very much alive – feeding it more and more thoughts – in order to keep churning a fake reality away. **See article Why do I Repeat Things in My Head

New Age Spirituality

If you read Spiritual ‘stuff’ on the Internet you probably have already seen something that’s popular at the moment: the fact that we’re constantly thinking about a non-existent future (causing us worry/anxiety) or a well-gone past (causing us depression/sadness).

Thinking about the past allows us to believe we’re manipulating the memory we have of it; and thinking about the future allows us to believe we are manipulating what has not happened yet (which is, of course, IMPOSSIBLE).

Either way, when we collapse (present) thought with past events or future moments, we’re basically not allowing those moments to unfold naturally – we’re not letting them blossom when the time comes (future) – or letting them Be, letting them rest in peace when the time has been (past).

Can you See it NOW?

Here it is in short form: → Sadness over the past takes away (or changes) flavours within it. → Worrying about the future (or planning it) takes away moments of what could have been. What could have been!!

Priceless memories (moments in the past) or memories to be (moments in the future) are being tampered with when you are not present.

We become our own ‘memory-moments’ thieves!


Every time you worry about the future you WILL BE thieving away unshaped moments that don’t belong to you NOW; and every time you manipulate memories from of the past you WILL BE thieving away already shaped moments that, also, don’t belong to you in the Now! Hence:

If you are not present 100% in The Moment, you are stealing moments from another present.

How to Live a Life You Want: Have Better Quality Wishes

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The point is to make better quality wishes.

I wake up with information that was not there before I went to bed.

This happens regularly since I did Advanced 2 at IAC UK.

The information is ‘simply there’ when I wake up; something that I suddenly Know; “stuff” that either wasn’t there before or was just dormant.

When I woke up minutes ago I KNEW that to live the life you want you MUST clear your mind from ALL debris & clutter in order for your True Desire to be pure and noble: divorced from self-pity, dishonest or self-seeking motives.

That’s the way you project the life you want… That’s also your life’s task.

Good Quality Desire

Good quality desire results in a good quality life. This is not to please anyone but the person who owns the Desire.

The only way for our wishes ‘to be clean’ is to remove any negative thought [that produces a negative feeling]. And the only way to remove any negative thought is by substituting it for a positive one.


Use your preferred tool to shovel those unwanted thoughts and make big wholes to welcome the wanted, new ones. Remember that it is important that you face what lurks in the forest of your mind. Don’t be afraid of it, they’re just weeds that have to go or shrubs that need a good trim.

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

You create the landscape through true wishing.

Always remember that.

Be Responsible

You see what you expect, and you expect what you invite. Your perception is the result of your invitation, coming to you as you sent for it. Whose manifestations would you see? Of whose presence would you be convinced? For you will believe in what you manifest, and as you look out so will you see in. (ACIM, T-12.VII.5)

Why Do We Lie to Ourselves? Michel’s Flowers at Work

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Ever planned something to slowly de-plan it throughout the day? Example: you know there’s something you HAVE TO do today, a specific task like ironing 2 shirts so they’re ready for the morning (who wants to iron in the morning??) Here’s how the mind works: it gently pushes the task at hand to the corner of the mental room (mind) in a way that it is still ‘there’ but not too visible (a bit like covering furniture with an old sheet for the purposes of painting the walls).

Self-Sabotage at Work

Why ‘push it to the side’? So we can still see what needs doing (we can’t lie to ourselves that bluntly and totally chuck the thought out of our minds) but somehow toning it down to stop it from being the very thing that STANDS OUT in the middle of the room (it would clash with the rest of the other furniture [thoughts we prefer to have).

Are you Following?

The intention is clear. We KNOW what needs doing; we push it to the side to make ourselves believe it will get done at a later time (like moving a task further down the to-do list). But at some point the mind takes control and plays with us like a puppet on a string. Here's what happens: we BELIEVE that by putting it to the side [so it's still visible but not 'annoying'] the task WILL get done throughout the day even though we TOTALLY KNOW it will be gathering dust till the time comes when it is more painful not to do it! (i.e. ironing just one of the shirts 5 minutes before having to wear it). The unfortunate issue here is ‘totally knowing’ it won’t get done… at all! It is like we’ve split into 2 people: one who KNOWS it won’t get done, and another who ‘believes’ it will. Do you understand the suffering, guilt and self-punishment we’ve inflicted ourselves out of not knowing the inner-workings of our minds?

Know Thyself

When Socrates said “Know Thyself” he knew that those 2 words could ease a lot of pain in the human mind (that’s where suffering ‘lives’). I know someone called Michel who always used to say to a family member: “I was going to bring you flowers but…” (reason/s not important here). And every time he said it it would feel as if the flowers were there,  as if he had made the effort, as if the intention came to fruition but for some ‘strange’ reason the flowers were invisible to the eye. Intention without action adds debris to the mind. Michel’s story is a reversed version of “The Emperor’s New Clothes” but reveals a similar message: if I make you believe something you will operate from that believe, and not reality itself. In this case, the one that wants to make you believe something is your own mind!!

An Unfortunate Game

This “make believe” game is unfortunately the bread and butter of our everyday lives. Now go and explore the contents of your mind: clear out the clutter & debris and watch out for daily dust! Rating
A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways (James 1:8)

Why Do I Repeat Things in My Head? Yep; Faking Control

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Repetition calls for desired submission.

When I wake up in the mornings my head ‘goes off’ on one. From total peace to total chaos.

I then perceive my day as a downhill prospect if I don’t do “something about it”.

There are tools for quieting the mind – meditation perhaps being the most well known of them.

But… why do I repeat conversations in my head? In fact, why do I repeat sentences, thoughts, what people say or simply a bunch of words in my head?

A Fake Promise

The head lies to us. It tells us that by keeping the thoughts imprisoned they then are under total control.

So by constantly thinking about a perceived problem I get the illusion that the thought is managing the outcome from the very central office that is my head.

The more we’re ‘thinking’ about it, the more we “think” we are ‘controlling’ it.

A Runaway Horse

Thoughts and events are not related, not even as distant cousins. Thoughts try to emulate what an event simulates rather unsuccessfully. They simply point to/at events rather badly. They’re not a trusting tool / source.

Here’s the problem in a nutshell: by repeating the same thing in our heads (again and again and again and again and again) we get some form of relief (amidst the pain) in the belief that we’re managing what the thought is pointing to/at.

Silly and effective at the same time.

What Does Natural Behaviour Mean? The Robocop Mask

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We are all Robocops. Yes, just like the 80s half human-half machine icon, we compute external data, look for a past event to use as a reference, and, after precise calculations that take place in the mind, we create a decision [and proceed to act accordingly]. We are robots because this is an automated process that we… well, we automate. We are cops because we police others’ behaviour in order to determine procedure.

When is Behaviour ‘Natural’?

It depends on what your definition of ‘natural’ is. If your definition is a la par with spontaneous, then, rarely. In my books ‘spontaneous’ refers to ‘prior to thought’ (no judged thought determines spontaneity). If natural refers to behaviour that uses past events to give itself permission to unfold, then, it is almost always natural. So what is natural behaviour in human terms? You choose your definition.

Why am I Bothering with All of This?

Because behaviour that takes time and space to scrutinise others’ behaviour first in order to ‘be’ (to take place), is tragically tiring. The only way to let spontaneity unfold is when we REALLY don’t care about how others judge us. And for us -ego driven humans- to really not care we have to do a lot of work on ourselves. That interests me. Every time you find yourself Robo-coping (reading between the lines) you’re wasting energy you could release simply showing the other person who you really are. It is also more honest. But you don’t, and so other people end up seeing themselves through the mirror that is you; and viceversa. Use that knowledge to change what needs changing. Still not sure what needs changing? They’ve just shown you : )

Understanding Why Are We Here on Earth For: Learning is Key

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(or The Sctructure of your Personality: A Didactic Leisure)

For me it is easy to see why we are here: in 6 words; ‘to learn through a transformative way’. In 5 words: ‘to have a psychic change’. I do believe that life as we live/experience it (the reality we encounter, Earth life) is more of a mental hospital for consciousnesses (people) who need re-structuring of their thinking/belief* [*yes, I'm one of them too]. Here’s what I think happened: somewhere along the line, our beliefs went ‘a bit wonky’ thus creating a reality that reflected their exact nature. Why? Because it could happen. And so it did. It is the very basis of the word ‘experience’: “if it can, it will” : )

Someone Said It!

Two weekends ago I heard someone say: this world is a school-forward-slash-mental hospital. I totally agreed.

And Someone Else Said:

That the only way to keep someone is by making sure they learn. So, if you have people working for you, no matter how much money you pay them eventually their essence fades away (goes ‘rancid’) if they’re not learning. The juice is in what they learn; not’n what they earn. If you don’t teach (the world), you’re killing and dying at the same time. So the people that work for you will be very grateful indeed if you make sure they’re constantly learning, thus shining.

To Learn = To Grow

A Course in Miracles says: “As you teach so shall you learn.” It’s a 2 way thing; in fact, what you’re learning you teach by default and what you teach you have chosen to learn in the first place. When you’re conscious of this, you Grow Fast.

Get it Done – It’s Really your Only Job (or Your Only Real Job)

Fullfilment when learning is necessary and that’s how we get ‘learning’ done. Earth life can be really pleasurable when you devote your time to learning about yourself (behaviour) which implies the following: 1. You spot something that needs changing in yourself  –> You change it! There are techniques to achieve desired results but that’s a topic for a different post. The main point has been covered: learning is a vital pleasure because it transforms our inner-core-essence. In 7 words: we’re here to learn to change.  

What is Fanatical Behaviour? On Religion and "Love"

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The advocacy of fanatism regarding religion is usually the same as the permissive gushing allowance of romance as a major (and believed effective) calming crutch. Like any other type of addiction. The ‘literally forever obsessive need’ for a partner is approved by many culture as the norm. How healthy is this? Think. Most music, films, books and marketing devices are geared towards individuals seeking ‘the other half’. Here’s what I suddenly noticed regarding religion & ‘love’: - Culturally, it feels ‘ok’ when someone denies all other aspects of their lives in favour of ‘a’ religion or ‘a’ partner. - Both fanatic approaches seem to patch up the same hole. - It could be said that there is an anxious predisposition towards each discipline (religion & love). They’re not only highly addictive, but also seem to fullfil with the same “efficiency”. - An obsessive behaviour regarding both can be found in many individuals. The fact still remains: this seems ok in many cultures. But is it? I’ll be blunt in what I’m trying to say: they both calm down people’s need for salvation. My point though is not to do with the ethics behind it; but rather: - Why do people look for ‘salvation’ with fanatism? - How many other areas in life are being negated and why does it matter? - Does it matter? - Can we help? And should we? - How small does someone’s life become when focusing in just one area? How can that person wake up to the need to recover all other imperceptible areas? etc ~~~***~~~ We want to love and be loved, and we mistakenly believe the right significant other will complete our world. The pain and troubling times that fester within a growing, changing relationship aren’t really part of the bargain — or so we think — and the decision to stay eludes us sometimes. We run, and then we find ourselves once again longing for completion with another. Karen Casey

Friday 22 March

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Transfer from ministered to minister. Fundamental shift in state within the universe, between those w/direct access to god who must carry message to fulfil, and those without who require others to help. Working with others is required as an action point to maintain minister status within the universe. Those becoming focussed on self lose willingness and ability to channel his will, and in doing so become in need of ministry. In accepting a 12 step call, the sanity is *created* not channelled due to the transfer to higher state. Electrons become excited an djump to higher quantum states on receipt of photon. Absorb energy and transcend. However state unstable and will drop back to lower state, giving off photon. Another electron is excited by photon and energy transfer continues. Such is the way of all things. Souls ignite lives from automated beings to carriers gods message. Not all people have souls (?) active but can be ignited and can take inheritance if chosen. In doing so, soul is excited into higher orbit and if allowed can receive and give energy. However, it’s the transfer, not the heightened state which is most holy. God, being perfect, has no struggle. The soul, in its excited form, is in direct contact with God. It is perfect. Yet it is the overcoming, the accepting of energy, the transcendence and then sacrifice of energy to another which is… (which is what?) the purpose of this *existence*  

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